New song - Victory
Posted by CyberKenny at September 4th, 2012 (18:57)

Guess what? I got a full day of free inspiration!

Check it out!

P.S. This has to be the bumpiest ride ever on Audiosurf! ;)

New song - Friends
Posted by CyberKenny at January 24th, 2012 (22:09)

It's finally settled!

I have with this song proven that I do not possess the ability to continue composing songs of which time spent working on them spans more than one full day per song!

This, in other words, of course means alot (SWIDT?) of unfinished material in my dear FL Studio projects folder. Yet I don't mean to claim that I have more unfinished stuff than most people. :)

Bottom line is, if I manage to maintain a full day of continuous inspiration, motivation and a stable computer...then perhaps some sort of product will finally rise and fry your speakers :-)

Anyways, thanks again for tuning in!

(Song features Access Virus A, Roland JP-8080, the JP6K plugin and some East West voices/choirs. See if you can spot them!)

New challenge! Two new songs!
Posted by CyberKenny at April 12th, 2011 (11:30)

It's now been nearly a year and a half since the last update of my dearest

However, I was recently proposed an offer in which unprecedented fame came included. My little brother, Roller at, asked me to make him some nice background music for him to use with his written stories.

So far I have successfully compiled the following two songs, masterly composed with insanely expensive sample libraries from both East West and Tonehammer: Golden Opportunity (blog post) and To Ashes (blog post).

Do consider visiting if you fancy some really nice stories to read.

And so, with this humble note, I declare two new songs for you to listen to!

PS! Remember to register and apply for the mailing list to make sure you get notified when I post new songs!

New song - "Getting Closer"
Posted by CyberKenny at October 10th, 2009 (17:51)

I've got a new song for you kind listeners! It's called "Getting Closer" and consists entirely of instruments from the East West Quantum Leap series. Which in its turn means that there may be a complete orchestra playing in this song!

This song is also great for Audiosurf if you want a relaxing ride :)

New songs: "Rock is Back" and "We're Doomed"
Posted by CyberKenny at September 14th, 2009 (22:29)

I've released my two other "made in one day" songs. It seems as though I can only make good songs if I use the entire day...

Anyway, these two are not trance, rather they are inspired of something completely different.

I wanted to make a kind of hard rock theme and "Rock is Back" got to be the test subject.

It's the same with "We're Doomed". This time I had an urge towards the classical/symphonic/movie soundtracks and I think I got it pretty well considering it's my first time.

Enjoy two completely fresh releases!

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